Where can I get good staircase shop CAD drawings?

Contractors and builders now require CAD shop drawings for building code compliance. We've been filling in the gap for staircase fabricators all over North America and UK. Staircases are an architectural centerpiece and we enjoy modeling them. Whether your project requires winder steps, flared or curved steps we can provide 3D shop drawings up to code in your area.

Does your client need to see renderings?

TEKNICAD prepares color 3D renderings to impress your clients and sell your job using SketchUp and Fusion 360. We also prvide catalogue images for stairs manufacturers who also sell parts.

High End Stairs CAD

We've tried Stairs CAD systems like staircon, DDX PowerSTAIRS, and Stair Designer. Our Stairs drawings are generated using several off the shelf tools depending on the requirement. Mostly Fusion 360 and AutoCAD. Our 3D staircase models can be used to generate DXF to CNC files to cut curved and winder stairs.

Residential, Industrial and Commercial

We create Shop drawings for all kinds of Stairs and we're ready for a challenge.
We have worked on

  • Winder stairs

  • Flared stairs

  • Spiral stairs

  • Elliptical stairs

  • Ramps stairs

  • Waterfall stairs

  • Alternating step

  • Lasercut Metal Stairs

Digital Staircase Engineering

We work from sketches images and project design drawings. The drawing package is delivered as PDF and machinable files as DXF. Renderings can also be requested.

Drawing Features

Material and finish list

  • Hardware list and specifications

  • Architectural and installation notes


  • DXF to CNC files

  • Cutlist

Shop Drawings are what we do. We understand building codes and use a quality control system. We make remote working work by constant communication and progress reports

Our core strengths include:

Experience with a wide variety of architectural fabrication in wood, acrylic and metal.Ability to work with your team's CAD models from SolidWorks Inventor, SketchUp, Rhino, PDF etc.

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